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Quad Bike – ATV Security

Datatag And iTrack

Data tag and data tool have been around in the motorcycle industry for many years and with great success returning 100’s of machines back to their rightful owners. But just because the advertised in the motorcycle sector it doesn’t mean that the system will not work on Quad Bikes or ATV’s for that matter. Any item of value can be datataged which means that even Buggies and Minimotos could be tagged too.

Datatag were started in the 1990’s with the thought of making a reduction in theft and placing the bias back into the owners hands. The system was designed with a small transmitter that would be buried onto a machine and then could be picked up if scanned by someone who had a receiver. These receivers were only available to police forces. So should the police have cause to scan a vehicle like a motorcycle or agricultural machinery then even if the identification on the machine had been removed then the transmitter/transponder would send the correct signal back to the receiver confirming the identity of the item.

Only recently a piece of plant and machinery that was hired from an A-Plant Hire Centre in the UK. The skid-steer was stolen from the midlands and quickly shipped from the UK to Gibraltar and then carried across the Mediterranean Sea and down through the Suez Canal to Oman where it was unloaded and trucked into Sharjah, in the UAE.

UK police worked tirelessly with international authorities making sure that the vehicle was kept under surveillance until they arrived. The men that were caught in possession of the vehicle were quickly arrested and charged with handling stolen goods. The datatag system was used to give clarification to the police that the item was in fact the one stolen from the uk.

The data-tag system can be placed on any expensive item and is recommended by most leading insurance companies in the UK for Plant and Machinery as well as Motorcycles and Quad Bikes. There is a substantial discount package available to people who have Datatag installed on to their machines and this is then transferred to a new owner should the vehicle ever been sold.

Unfortunately these systems are not like some of the conventional tracking devices that can be moved from one vehicle to another and have complete permanent fixture to the vehicle once installed.

i-Track is a PGS based system which again is fitted by Datatool UK. The system much like any other in it’s class will show up an a screen if you ever need to find your machine if it has been stolen. As well as this it uses the mobile GSM Global Network via the masting system. This allows iTrack to constantly confirm the whereabouts of the machine as a secondary confirmation.

Below you will find some of the key areas that Datatag have insisted are big selling points with their system and, knowing the GPS market I would agree that everything seems to be covered.

  • Probably the smallest and most compact commercial tracking system available increasing options for covert fitment.
  • Rechargeable internal battery back up in case the main power supply is disconnected i.e. the vehicle battery.
  • iTrack will advise if vehicle battery or internal battery level is running low keeping your vehicle covered at all times.
  • The most advanced movement detection system immediately alerts Datatag in case of unauthorised movement.
  • Automatically sets a “Geographical Fence” or “Invisible Security Fence” around the vehicle and raises an alarm if the vehicle or property leaves this secure area without consent or permission.
  • Lower battery drain than any other system currently on the market.
  • Mud and waterproof – capable of working in the harshest of conditions means it’s ideal for Quads, Agri, MX Bikes, ATV’s and Buggies.
  • iTrack is future proof – It can be upgraded to the latest UK Thatcham Category 5 status using the Keyless “Smartcard” operating system.

And looking at all of those Unique Selling Points I’m sure you would feel pretty confident that should your Quad Bike or ATV ever go missing, that you would be paired up again very soon.